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Chunking down step 1

Pier 55 park, Thomas Heatherwick By following previous lesson and steps that have been mentioned in the email, a rough top surface of model is created. Later on, I try to do more but faced several problems. The first one is about shapes by “voronoi”. In Pier 55 park, the shape is pentagon. However, itContinue reading “Chunking down step 1”


Architect: Thomas Heatherwick Time: completed in 2021 Location: New York, US Displacement In my opinion, the most important key is “displacement”. The entire volume is formed by repeated arrangement of a unit. Shape These 55 huge piers can be regarded as deforming from an orignal proto type. Because of extrusion, they become different forms eventually.Continue reading “PIER 55 PARK”

Aqua Tower (Studio Gang, 2009)

The design was inspired by the striated limestone outcroppings common in the Great Lakes area (see photo below). But this sinuous shape is not just a mere formal gesture, but it is also a strategy to extend the views and maximize solar shading. “Aqua Tower / Studio Gang” 02 Dec 2009.¬†ArchDaily. Accessed¬†8 Oct 2021. DISPLACEMENTContinue reading “Aqua Tower (Studio Gang, 2009)”

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